Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thing 19 - Play with Google Docs

Google Docs

A fantastic tool which I will personally use. I have been to several presentations where Google Docs was used and the internet failed or was slow. This can be very embarrassing when you have a large audience. When I use Google Docs in the future I will definitely have a Flash Drive backup. Nevertheless a very swish collaborative tool.

Thing 18 - Play with Google Maps

Google Maps
What a fantastic tool, I searched the Gold Coast for a good area to stay, close to shops, beach and not too far from the airport. I then zoomed in to find the roof top of a nice resort and located the street name infront of the resort with the suburb name. I then did a Google search on “resort street name and suburb” to find the individual resort. Made the reservation online, with piece of mind, knowing the location and facilities in the area.

Google Street View
I think my street in Parkdale is the only steet not included, although I can look down my street from the “T” intersection at the and just see my house.Still all very impressive.

Thing 23 - Provide us with feedback

Q. How could you draw on what you have learned in 23 Things to help you in your work?
A. I have learnt lots about new technologies and hope to include many of them in EPS Rooms when we finally get it.

Q. How could the library use the technologies featured in 23 Things to improve its service?
A. Certainly adding web 2.0 tools to the Library Catalogue will improve patron access to resources eg. LibraryThing for Libraries.

Q. Do you think you’ll keep blogging or keep using any of the other tools you learned about?
Yes definately, YouTube, My Blog, LibraryThing, MySpace etc.

Q. Were there any take-aways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
A. Yes when I searched MySpace for "Colin Sutherland", I found 2 in Australia, and have sent the other Col (minnie-me) a message to maybe catch up. (and he is a good looker as well...)

Q. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
A. Not an awful lot, having the time period extended, certainly help many staff complete the 23Things. Maybe more prizes for completion - a notebook or overseas trip :-)

Q. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate?

A. Yes definately! Well done and congratualtions Jason!!!

Thing 22 - Read about Library 2.0

Library 2.0 really is the way to keep up with the times, being totally transparent with the library users, and having complete two - way communications. I noticed a University library in the US created a library Blog called "Library Suggestion Box" this really is putting your money where you mouth is. All suggestion are replied to live by a relevant staff member. Patrons are more likely to make suggestions and comments if they know they will definately get a response as well as being viewed by everyone no matter how bad they might be. This is really taking it to the people...

Some librarians would really cringe at the idea of opening up such a can of worms, I rather like the idea of patrons actually getting involved in their library one way or another.

Building Academic Library 2.0

Thing 21 - Create an iGoogle homepage

I really like iGoogle and very easy to use with lots of great gadgets.
A really tool for pulling all your Web 2.0 pages together eg. Facebook.

Thing 20 - Play with Google Book Search

Google Book Search

Really impressive search engine. It is good that it also displays covers of new items that have no preview. If I was searching elsewhere for an old or unusual topic and found nothing, this would be great place to go to find copyright free material. Good place to browse also.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thing 17 - Explore social networking

I searched on "chisholm institute library" australia and found no hits ... very surprising!
I did like the easy search interface eg. Google, Videos, Music, & MySpace.
Very few libraris have a presence here, and those that do have statements pointing out that they take no responsiblity for any comments made on this site. This is more an individuals site that friends and collegues have access to and leave messages. You would need lots of spare time to hang around here, time I don't have!

I seached for "Chisholm Institute Library" in Facebook and only found me!
Searched for " library" and discovered UCD Library Catalogue Search site which allowed you to insert a link Catalogue link into your own FaceBook page. I also discovered lots of silly time wasting sites like "Would You Have Sex In the Library?" & degrading sites like "Monash Library is a joke" overall you would have to have plenty of spare time to be pottering around in Facebook, it didn't do alot for me ...